понедельник, 19 мая 2014 г.


Dempinox widely used in auto tuning. Appearance, car protection , electrical insulation . covering mainly applied to the body , wheels , exhaust , badges , plastic compartment , spring shock absorbers , chrome. bottom protection , tinting headlights , body protection from rust, Anti-grit protection .Unlike any other methods of painting , Dempinox does not require disassembly of the car that protects you from damage filmed parts . The car can be painted even on the street.One of the most interesting of privileges composite Dempinox there is that if you want you can remove it . Just stay as cover. You can ride in the summer on a black car with a white dial , and in winter white with black . Implement any fantasies without damaging the factory color of the car , but rather defending. Warranty period of 7 years.

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